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There's no sugar-coating it ... the past few weeks have been rough for Nutritional Resources. For several days we were unable to accept any orders. The questions have been asked many times — "Why can't I place an order? Is there something wrong?" — so I wanted to use this opportunity to answer those questions.

A couple weeks ago, Nutritional Resources was randomly selected by our credit card processing company for an in-depth investigation. At that time, they discovered two concerns.

First, there was a single liquid herb that we were selling that was not approved for processing through their company. Although this herb has been sold by Nutritional Resources for many years and possesses beneficial properties, it is believed to be dangerous when consumed in large quantities. The herb is legal in the United States but illegal in other countries (we were unaware of this). As a result of this matter being brought to our attention, we immediately discontinued the sale of the liquid herb and have removed it from our website.

The second issue involved multiple domain names that could be used to access our website. In the past, Nutritional Resources looked more like a cluster of smaller companies. For example, our liquid herb product line was its own company (Limited Edition Herbs).  

A few years ago a decision was made to simplify our business operations. All of these small companies were brought into one company name of Nutritional Resources. To make the transition easier for our customers, we maintained the domain names of the smaller companies and pointed them to our new website. However, we made a critical error in this process — we did not redirect website traffic to the primary domain name ( As a result, two different domain names would retrieve the same website. What seems like an innocent, technical error is actually a very big deal to credit card processing companies. As soon as we learned about this concern with our domain names, we took the necessary steps to fix it.

When these two issues were brought to our attention, we were given no warning before our merchant account was shut down. That meant we could not process any credit cards or accept orders. We researched as much as we could to understand what had happened and what options we had for a successful resolution. We found another credit card processing company who reviewed the concerns, investigated our solutions and was willing to set-up a new merchant account for us. After a short time, we were back in business. However, it all came crashing down again a few days later.

The issue of multiple domain names and one website had a significant ripple effect. Although it was an honest mistake by Nutritional Resources with absolutely no malicious intent, apparently similar activity by other e-commerce businesses is done to hide criminal business practices. I want to emphasize that Nutritional Resources was not engaging in any criminal activities, but we did fall victim to our own technical trap that gave an incorrect representation of what type of business we conduct.

The issue of the domain names is taken very seriously by the credit card processing companies. The result of our error is that Nutritional Resources has been added to a list that essentially blocks us from ever attaining a merchant account again. This step of the process did not happen until after we were setup with the new company. As soon as the announcement was made of our company being added to the list, the new merchant account was terminated.

Since that happened, Nutritional Resources has been doing anything and everything imaginable to get back up and running. We are currently able to accept orders (and process credit cards) through our website via PayPal Express. It is not the best solution but one that allows us to fulfill orders and get them sent to you. We are not out-of-the-woods yet and there will likely be additional updates and changes to come, but we are trying to do everything we can to serve you in the meantime.

We believe that honesty and transparent information are hallmarks of companies worth following. We feel it is important to share these details with you — we have nothing to hide. We truly appreciate your support, understanding and prayers while we work to resolve these issues. If you have any questions or concerns, we welcome all phone calls (1-800-867-7353) where we can share answers and recent updates. Thank you.