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Homeopathy Explained

Homeopathy Explained
Homeopathy is a term often used in the natural health industry. Sometimes homeopathy is used interchangeably for natural health — that's not exactly accurate. In fact, the principles of homeopathy are quite different than other traditional modalities found in natural health. Continue reading

More Healthy #02:
Allergies On The Attack

More Healthy #02: <br>Allergies On The Attack
It appears that many of us have taken the freedom to use the word "allergy" to define different responses within the body including true allergic responses, immune disorders, intolerances and related problems. However, allergies are not the culprit of it each of these. Continue reading

More Healthy #01:
Why Liquid Herbs?

More Healthy #01: <br>Why <i>Liquid</i> Herbs?
Whether you are a veteran herbalist or you are just being introduced to the world of herbs, you might be asking why Nutritional Resources offers liquid herbs rather than encapsulated herbs (dry herb powders). Continue reading