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2019 Holiday Gift Guide

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Top 10 Gifts for the Natural Health Fanatic in Your Family

We have reached that time of year when we embark on a special quest to find the best gift for our family and friends. We want it to be unique and thoughtful — not just another gadget or trinket that will be quickly forgotten.

One thing we could all use this holiday season is improved health. I've never met someone who said, "I don't need any more health. I'm going on day 30 of feeling 100% awesome ... physically and emotionally."

To help you find that unique gift and share the joy of improved health, we've put together a list of the Top 10 Gifts for the Natural Health Fanatic in Your Family. Or maybe you are the fanatic and you want to share some great discoveries with others. Either way, the following list highlights some great gift ideas to share a little health and happiness this holiday season.

 #1: For the person who needs some relaxation...


The holidays are stressful. Who wouldn't enjoy a gift of melting away all that stress and tension? Giving someone the gift of massage could be the perfect gift.

A professional massage is great for nearly everyone. If they are uncomfortable with the idea, start with a 15-minute chair massage. If their stress level (and comfort level) is little higher, go for the 60-minute deep tissue massage.

Where to find it: If you are in north central Indiana, we recommend checking out Charter Health Center for excellent, professional massage services. They offer gift certificates! 

 #2: For the person who needs to boost their immune system...

Herbal Remedies

With so many colds, coughs and flus this time of year, we need as much help as possible to maintain optimum health. Herbal remedies are our favorite solution because they are natural and cost-effective.

What herbs should you consider? Three excellent herbs that support the immune system are astragalus, echinacea and elderberry. Extracts of these herbs create a convenient liquid format that are easily assimilated in the body for the quickest response.

Where to find it: Nutritional Resources offers several herbal remedies. Their Herbal Immune Boost Bundle has exactly what you need to restore a weakened immune system and keep it strong. 

 #3: For the person who suffers from headaches, muscle soreness, etc...

Natural Pain Relief

Aches and pains are a part of everyone's life, but how we deal with it can look very different. Whereas some choose over-the-counter or even prescribed medications, others have found amazing results with natural solutions.

Arnica is a great solution for both internal and external pains. White Willow acts like a natural aspirin and can be very beneficial for headaches. CBD oil has become a popular natural solution in recent years. The great thing about these natural options is that they are effective at relieving pain without all of the nasty side effects of some other medications.

Where to find it: The Pain Relief Bundle from Nutritional Resources includes three awesome products that are easy to keep in your purse, car, desk ... wherever you need it to quickly take care of your aches and pains. 

 #4: For the person who needs a little calm in their life...

Calming Essence

Calming Essence blend is gentle, soothing and stabilizing in a wide range of stressful situations. It combines five different flower remedies to form an amazing product that helps you regain your balance after an emotionally or physically upsetting circumstance.

The best way to take Calming Essence is to just put a couple drops in a glass of water and sip. It is super easy to carry it with you to help you overcome any emotions of stress or anxiety that you encounter throughout the day.

Where to find it: Calming Essence is available from Nutritional Resources as a liquid (alcohol or glycerin base) as well as a cream. The Stress Relief Bundle pairs together Calming Essence with the liquid herbal blend Schizandra Nectar as well as the popular Stress Mints.

 #5: For the person who is ready to learn more about natural health...

Professional, Hands-On Education

The new year is a perfect time to set some healthy resolutions such as going back to school. If you or someone in your family is passionate about natural health, you should pursue a professional education to learn about different modalities. Then use your newfound knowledge to help your family, friends and community.

Trinity School of Natural Health offers several programs that are designed around busy individuals like you. Their distance learning model makes it easy and affordable for anyone to jump in at any time. 

Where to find it: Trinity School of Natural Health is an online-only school. Check out their programs such as Health Coach (preparing students to work with and assist clients in making safe and sustainable lifestyle changes) or Certified ZYTO Specialist (teaches students how to use the ZYTO Balance System to determine beneficial lifestyle recommendations).

 #6: For the person who is too busy for a full education program...

Lectures On Demand

Sometimes we just want to be informed on topics that are important to us without dedicating a lot of time and money into a full educational program. Trinity offers lectures on demand that cover a wide range of topics that are relevant in today's culture.

The format and the cost make it a breeze to get involved on topics such as supporting the needs of individuals with down syndrome, the fundamentals of bio-individuality and vaccines. This is a unique gift idea that someone in your family is going to truly appreciate.

Where to find it: Lecture On Demand courses are offered through Trinity School of Natural Health. 

 #7: For the person who loves healthy, radiant skin...

Organic Skin Care Products

Many of the body care and hair care products that we use every day are filled with toxic chemicals. We would never tolerate our drinking water being filled with so many chemicals, but we tend to overlook them in these external-use products. We get tricked by the bright colors and wonderful smells.

Om Botanicals decided to fix the problem. Their products are completely free of toxic chemicals, petroleum based ingredients, synthetic compounds, harsh preservatives, perfumes, fillers or any animal derived ingredients.

Where to find it: Om Botanical products can be found online at Thriving 4 Health. They also offer several other natural health products.

 #8: For the person who is on an emotional rollercoaster...

Flower Remedies

Achieving optimum health is not just about physical wellness. Negative emotions play a huge part in our overall health. In fact, these emotions (fear, anxiety, indecisiveness, impatience, etc.) probably have a greater impact on our wellbeing that any other factor including our physical health and diet.

In the early part of the 20th century, Dr. Edward Bach researched several wildflowers, plants and trees to discover their impact on emotions. He discovered 38 remedies that can be used to counteract the effect of specific negative emotions. These products are easy to use and safe for children, teens, adults, seniors and animals. 

Where to find it: A great gift for anyone is the Flower Remedy Starter Kit from Nutritional Resources. It includes four of the most popular remedies (Aspen, Impatiens, Mimulus and White Chestnut) as well as the Calming Essence flower remedy blend.

 #9: For the person who recently graduated from Trinity...

Trinity Swag

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer? Trinity School of Natural Health has amazing gifts perfect for recent graduates or current students. Trinity offers an assortment t-shirts, mugs and hats. Their sweatshirts and long-sleeved shirts are also sure to keep you warm this winter. Celebrate the hard work of the student in your family.

Where to find it: Browse the product catalog online at the Trinity Merchandise Store.

 #10: For the person who wants to pick their own gift...

Gift Cards

Although gift cards are not a unique or personal gift idea, they can be the perfect practical gift. If someone on your list is a natural health fanatic but you don't know what products they like or need, then get them a gift card. Then they can get exactly what they want and you don't have to worry (because that's a negative emotion that could ruin your holiday season ... see #8). 

Where to find it: Nutritional Resources Gift Cards can be used to purchase any of the hundreds of products available on their website.