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About Nutritional Resources

A company focused on health, happiness and serving you!

For over two decades, Nutritional Resources has been offering amazing natural health products and resources to people just like you who are committed to improving their health. We maintain our small town connection with our office in northern Indiana, but our products have been shipped to every state and around the globe. We have always had a focus of delivering a wide variety of quality, affordable products that allow you to customize your desired approach to natural health — whether that includes herbs, flower remedies, homeopathics, iridology, pH analysis or other modalities.

None of that has changed; however, we have recently added some great chapters to our story.

  • Nutritional Resources has a precise purpose — we exist to help you. We desire to give you an awesome customer experience to help you find the information you need for a happier, healthier life. No one on our team works in a "sales department." Rather, we are all a part of a "service department."
  • Nutritional Resources has precise values. We are going to do the right thing and pursue integrity in all matters. We believe that is the foundation to developing trust, and we desire to build a trusting relationship with you.
  • Nutritional Resources has a precise calling — our focus is greater than ourselves. We believe that we are blessed to be a blessing to others. Several times a year we are able to help worthy nonprofit organizations (both with our time and resources). 
  • Nutritional Resources has a precise name. In the past, you may have known us by one of our many companies that were extensions of our main company (such as Limited Edition Herbs, Traditional Flower Remedies, Ellon Botanicals, The Herb Haus or Reagan's Bookstore). It became confusing for us, so we can only imagine how you felt. But now it is a lot easier with just one name to remember — Nutritional Resources. 

We are glad that you found Nutritional Resources. After you have a chance to chat with us, try some of our products and begin to experience a happier, healthier life, we are confident you will be glad you found Nutritional Resources, too!